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Michael Moore stuporglue at
Tue Aug 8 17:20:35 BST 2006

> I was wondering if anyone uses Skype & what equipment they would
> suggest.  I'd like to start trying it out--I've got an account but no
> mic/headset.

We've got two setups here at home. One on my wife's Mac, and one on my
Ubuntu PC. On Ubuntu,
I'm using a standard crappy came-with-your-compaq-in-1998 type
microphone, and playing the sound out the speakers.

On the Mac we use the built in mic, and just a regular pair of
earphones (from my iPod, actually). It seems to do just fine. :-)

If you want me to call you so you can hear the quality, let me know.

My dad has a USB mic/headphone set that works OK, but I couldn't
notice any great improvement in sound. The important thing seems to be
to keep the speakers and mic separated so there's no echo and to speak
directly into the mic.

> I think I would like something fairly mobile.  Maybe something that
> wouldn't be difficult to carry with my notebook, or use on the local
> desktop.
> Anyone have good hardware suggestions?

I'm cheap, so I'd go for a cheap mic/earphone setup first. If I wanted
something cooler, any of the wireless headsets would be nice. The only
complaint I have about the earphone/mic setup is that I'm stuck in
front of the computer. It'd be nice to be able to pace my office or
living room while talking.

Michael Moore

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