Firefox Update

Marc Randolph mrand at
Fri Nov 11 17:39:56 UTC 2011

On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 9:40 PM, Lee Sharp <leesharp at> wrote:
> On 11/10/2011 09:18 PM, Dan Healy wrote:
>> I have been having problems with my gmail using firefox.  I now realize
>> I have Firefox 3.6.24 which is apparently quite old.  I think Firefox is
>> up to 8.xx.  I want to use WordPress and it doesn't like the old Firefox
>> that I have installed.  I am using Ubuntu 10.04.  How do I bring Firefox
>> up to date?
> Two links...
> That should get you current.
>                        Lee

Also Dan, you aren't as behind as you might otherwise think.  After
version 3, Firefox stopped incrementing the second digit.  So version
8 can really be thought of as 4.4.

3.6.24 still gets security updates, and I continue to run it on some
of my machines.


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