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Actually someone did reply, not sure if on a list or directly, because I
deleted the email. (I only save really important emails.)  The person said,
I think, that events would still be communicated here. Yeah, things aren't
organized as well as a benevolent dictatorship, but I'm not a big
participant, so I'm not going to complain.

On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 6:34 PM, Daniel VanStone
<webmaster at catcodesigns.net>wrote:

> Carlton
> Ok first off I do not know why a leader of the Texas Team did not reply
> to you I guess this makes a statement by itself given the levity of how
> you responded to a previous post by myself.
> Recently the topic to form a state team came again to the table and
> several others who were following the Dallas Team conversation were
> asked to continue discussing issues off this list per a request made by
> a member of the Dallas Team. I could have changed the subject line of
> the conversation but I left it alone and just forwarded it to the lists
> at the Dallas Team and Texas Team.
> So please do not take it that this list will not be available and if
> that was the perception from the thread then I apologize for my error.
> Topics to keep this team alive or actually show that we do more as a
> team were discussed and no concrete resolutions were formed.
> While others may contemplate the idea of having activity. I would like
> to say that I have made several attemps to involve people from the
> Dallas area by having events in a central part of the DFW.
> I personally do work in a large area of North to cental Texas and find
> ubuntu involvment sparce only when it comes to this list or this team.
> Ubuntu users and supporters are widespread accross this state but many
> simply don't frequent a mailing list. After all why would they? They got
> it to work :) and are now on the sites that they used to go to or don't
> desire the technical aspects of replying and responding to yet another
> email that they are not concerned with; because following the directions
> it works.
> Let us look around at the Clubs that are near and be a part of what
> is .. and then you will see how many others are already attending other
> events learning other concepts and discovering the ways of rute.
> We can only be a part of a community by being a part of a community!
> Learning from others does not restrict us to the use of one list or one
> email client or one chat client and in my eyes it is like telling
> someone to put on blinders and to not explore the vast capabilies of
> what they may learn from another.
> So I emplore others from this list to visit the software teams in your
> area. This is not to move anyone away from the ubuntu community but more
> to help you see the involvment first hand. So you can tell your
> experience to another and educate yourself in the process.
> If you are in the North Texas area this weekend there will be a meetup
> in a small town South West of the DFW area on the 9th of this month in
> Cleburne Texas. We will have a meeting at the towns only Starbucks and
> it is posted at http://www.meetup.com/Mashable/29323/?a=bn6_l1 .
> You are  welcome to attend
> http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=227871975608&topic=18914
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