request to rethink not using the texas team mailing list

Daniel VanStone webmaster at
Sat Oct 2 23:04:31 BST 2010

Forwarding conversation to the mailing list. 
> I dont see where that would be a problem and good point.
> An I have been on the very busy side so I have not sent many e-mails.
> another thing I think we should start doing is (well if your not part
> of
> the TX mailing list...become apart of that as well join the team on
> launchpad) but is this
> start tring to get other teams around TX to join and help make this
> team
> more active.
> Once this team is active Here in the Dallas I can most likely start a
> good size party (will have to be here and not else where) the reasons
> can be explained at a later date as this "party" will be at a later
> date.
> so no one objects to using the state mailing list then we will move
> over
> to that list and use it. 
> On Sat, 2010-10-02 at 07:18 -0500, Daniel VanStone wrote:
> Dear Fellows,
> ~from the o'dark thirty crew ;)~
> On Sat, 2010-10-02 at 02:14 -0500, Brandon Tomlinson wrote:
> > Let me start with a short narrative:
> > 
> > 
> >         I'm sitting in irc helping someone with some tech stuff. We've
> >         got a few pages of just he and I talking about his problem.
> >         For a second I ponder whether we should take it into PRIV... I
> >         mean we're just 'spamming' the channel. But hold on a second,
> >         disregarding whether you think that is the right place for it
> >         or not, this conversation counts as activity that is logged by
> >         locobot. Whenever  we get enough stuff to apply for approval,
> >         we could use this. Our conversation in that channel is 'Step
> >         1.Do stuff'.
> > 
> > 
> > The exact same thing goes for our 'thinktank'. Except that because all
> > these emails are private, we can't use them to prove our activity. We
> > ARE actively trying to organize stuff, but by using a non public
> > medium we are shooting ourselves in the foot.
> Exactly that is also the reason I ask to have the admin on the Dallas
> Team mailing List to change the reply to so a simple reply will send the
> conversations back to the list where others may follow them. Not send
> the conversation outside the list.
> > 
> > 
> > I propose that we move all further conversations to the official texas
> > team mailing list @
> > so that when we
> > try to provide an activity report, we can use all this great
> > discussion. I can understand desire to use the dallas list, but the
> > fact of the matter is when it comes to approvals, we have to use
> > texas-team stuff. If we get texasteam approved, then we get all teams
> > under texas (including dallas) approved.
> True because others across the state  or globe can join in easily and
> the coversation(s) on our effort will recorded in the mailing list
> archive for the team we are trying to build. 
> The IRC as mentioned above for ubuntu-us-tx has a locobot that records
> the room for archive. The texas irc room should be used for any meeting
> of state discussion and in general if the Dallas irc room added a like
> bot then it would be helpful if that channel is used alot to easily read
> what has been happening and and who has been involved.
> To me this is merely concentrating our efforts in such a way that others
> may see.
> +1 to move the conversation to the state list
> > 
> > 
> Cordially,
> Daniel VanStone
> Doer of Things

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Daniel Van`Stone
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