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Dan Healy dfhealy at
Fri Oct 1 21:10:23 BST 2010

As a volunteer I have been maintaining a university website and have had to
borrow a window machine so I could use IE.  They changed content management
system and went to Firefox as well as IE so it looked like I could use my
Ubuntu system.  I did not check the system requirements -- bad news.  The
following paragraphs describe the problem better:

At this time, we do not currently support any Linux distributions for the
purposes of site management.  Since it’s unsupported, you’re going to run
into issues like this one, most frequently with content management.  We
currently support Windows and OS X.

The trouble is with the Java tools.  iModules is set up to identify the Java
language tool on Windows and Mac machines only.  With the some tweaking and
emulation you can get the system to function but it’s not easy and requires
a high level of competency within a Linux environment.

Does anyone know how I might "tweak and emulate" to get the system to
function?  Where might I start?  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Dan H.
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