Ubuntu-us-tx Digest, Vol 11, Issue 9

exit jones furiajusta at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 05:48:25 GMT 2010

hey, i'm new in texas (houston) but not new to ubuntu...  my name is
anjy-- i can't make it to the irc meeting on thursday but i hope i can
help at the ubuntu booth on april 10th.  i don't know how soon i get a
vote (and perhaps it's rude to introduce myself and start opining
right away) but my vote would be to keep a separate booth from
canonical...  i'll put my money where my mouth is and staff the booth
as necessary, and i have a couple friends/colleagues who're already on
this list that are going as well.  how many people are necessary at
the booth?  please don't misunderstand me personally; i love and
APPRECIATE the good folks at canonical and especially their work.
...but it's my humble opinion that it should be clear that we (the
LoCo Team, the Texas Ubuntu User's Group) are there on our own, that
we're enthusiasts, however respectful and grateful, without any other
sponsor than our own enthusiasm.  i actually think that's better for
Canonical, too.  my $0.02.

i'm coming from another LoCo Team (Venezuela) and of course only just
hopped in and piped up, not knowing anything about how you all do
things here, so please forgive me if i offend.  i'd like to go to
austin and help out regardless of the placement of the booth.

anyways:  <<hi, texas ubuntu user community.  i'm pleased to finally
meet you, i've heard such good things.>>  i'm a sysadmin and vi lover.

anjy thiele

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