Texas Team formation

Skip Guenter sguenter at austin.rr.com
Sun Jun 20 06:17:33 BST 2010

Following with that '/doing stuff/' line...

How many of the folks on this list from in and around Austin 
participated in today's "Linux Against Poverty (LAP)?  

It's the sort of thing an Ubuntu group could've been involved in as a 
sponsor or just rounding up old machines for it or whatever.

Right now I don't know what the next event like that will be (LAP is 
annual) but I am sure that there will be another event along those lines 
late summer / early fall.  I'll post here when I get info to see if 
there's any interest.  It'll probably be a Helios event 
(http://www.heliosinitiative.org/news.php) which I'm involved with so 
should be able to provide a heads up. 

We're talking about doing a garage sale / flea market / computer repair 
day in the fall.  Ubuntu group could support the 'computer repair desk' 
technically and give out free CDs at the same time... dunno.  We'll 
(Helios) be working on this a bit more come the end of the month/ early 

Helios is also doing some 4 day kids summer camps on PC hardware using 
10 old Dells we have.  At the end of it the kids also get walked thru 
doing an Ubuntu or Mint OS install.  I would think a loco could be 
involved in these sort of things also.

Some thoughts anyway.


PS: HeliOS uses Mint and Ubuntu almost exclusively on their boxes and 
has put a 1000 machines into homes over the last 3 years.  Most of these 
folks had never heard of Linux before.

Brandon Tomlinson wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 19, 2010 at 4:09 PM, Jacob Isreal <jisreal at jacobisreal.com> wrote:
>> Yeah. I tried to ask some questions and was responded to with some sentiments that there was already a Texas team and it was well-organized.   I offered to be the lead or organizer and someone told me they were the lead.  Now I see this message.  Can someone get it together and either tell me what to do? Or, can someone join with me and be co-lead?
>> Jacob
> Actually that was me on the loco-contacts mailing list. You said you
> would take the role of loco contact for Texas since there wasn't one
> yet, I informed you that we have one and told you how to contact the
> rest of Texas (which you've obviously done now). Feel free to start
> organizing events by all means! If you want help with the wiki, ask
> and I'll help out as well. We're well organized, our core problem is
> that we don't organize anything; a subtle distinction. We would all
> love to see Texas get 'official' but we would have to actually be
> doing stuff, which we are not. So instead of saying "hey let's get
> approved" we should be saying "hey let's do stuff!" .
> Anyone have 'event' ideas? Sillie777 was doing a local austin meet-up
> (i think 'life' stepped in to stop him though), you guys should do
> some similar local meet-ups. We've tried organizing stuff in the past
> but one problem we've had is that people don't know what they want to
> get out of the loco. Personally I'd love to do bug/doc events but only
> myself and Matthew "stlsaint" Byers have really shown interest. So in
> the mean time I just use the loco as a friendly support group.

"A child's exposure to technology should never be predicated on an ability to afford it."

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