Texas Team formation

Daniel VanStone webmaster at catcodesigns.net
Sat Jun 19 01:10:24 BST 2010

Hello Everyone,

Before UDS in Dallas the heat was turned up for the Texas LoCo
Team(project). Many questions came up and many of them answered in the
weeks following. The decisions made are still standing but the team has
lost interest in forming as a bona fide Ubuntu Approved LoCo it seems.  

What do we need to do to get out of this rut we are in?

I would suggest that the leadership is directly responsible for keeping
the wheels turning by getting and maintaining conversation through the

What would anyone suggest? [(besides me just sit down and shut up)]

If you take on a role in a Team it is important to the team that the
role is done as this helps a team to reach it's goals. I may be the one,
the weak link in the chain..

Our team is just inches away from formation.


Daniel Stone

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