Setting change for Reply-to

JJNova jjnova at
Sun Jan 31 21:26:50 GMT 2010

YOu all need better email clients ;)

Brandon Tomlinson wrote:
> It's been annoying me for a while, and I'm curious if anyone else has 
> the same feeling. When replying to messages form this list, if we do a 
> standard reply the message goes to the original sender. If we reply to 
> all, we Cc the list and mail the sender (who is obviously on the list).
> Maybe I am spoiled by Google groups? I have found the setting in the 
> list to alter this functionality (changing the reply-to to the mailing 
> list).
> How do you guys feel about this? I'm not an email savant by any means, 
> so maybe I misunderstand fundamental email etiquette, (I've only 
> recently come to understand 'top posting' vs 'bottom posting').

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