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Hi all,

Ground Control has been released today.

I'll refer you to the announcement at:

I spent some time in a few sessions with Doctor MO (Martin Owens) at the
last UDS and no doubt this should be an exciting development.

"Ground control is a project that hopes to bring the collaboration of
Launchpad and Bazaar branches to every day users abilities. It does away
with the need for a command line and has removed a lot of the complex
distractions leaving a simplified workflow for users to follow. It uses
all the existing libraries and practices of the community, so if you
need to move back to the command line you can continue were you left off.

It’s also flexible enough to allow you to manage your existing bazaar
checkouts via nautilus. If your want to."

I encourage all loco team contacts to translate the original
announcement and circulate it around your team members. There is also a
video which I believe shows why this is important.

But don't take my word for it, take a look:


Fabian Rodriguez
Ubuntu Quebec LoCo Team

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