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To All Members of the Texas Team,

Re: Texas LoCo Team discussion

Dear Texas Team members,

Recent discussion has addressed many facts.

As a state team in organizational status we need or should refrain from
making a series of so called rules.

The organization is still forming so creating such rules may happen in
time but should have general discussions beforehand instead of one
individual or a small group assuming hierarchal power.

I support wholly the formation of the TEXAS TEAM. I see simple
arguments/discussions happening. If these did not and do not occur
something would be presumptively wrong in the end.

I agree with Brandon, Lee, Jeremy and JJNova on some points. They have
expressed their opinion whatever each may be but all in discussion of
the Texas Team.

To move forward we need to start planning events and not just on IRC.
Although IRC is a great resource ,it by default, has many pitfalls. What
may be a more rounded idea is to have events that include IRC as well as
a live discussions. These type of meetings/events can be very useful.

Just think if the UDS-l meeting had only been on IRC? or if it were
logged on IRC then some of the current issues may not even exist.

To form as a state we must have clear conversations from all sides.

The objective of receiving materials as the sole objective is not really
representable to the entire state as these materials will be shipped to
one individual. So even though that is a benefit it should not be the

The objective of a state team should be to help new teams form and to
help more users to find resources. To provide assistance in
communications and facilitate documentation of the state as a whole.

Again, I do support the formation of the Texas Team or Texas LoCo Team.
I just believe that it needs to move from discussion to planning.


Daniel Stone

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