Texas LoCo Team discussion

Marc Randolph mrand at pobox.com
Mon Nov 30 15:54:04 GMT 2009

On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 9:05 AM, Brandon Tomlinson <thebwt at gmail.com> wrote:
> You do realize that even Germany and France have only one LoCo team?
> Even Russia has a single team! The exception was made to allow US
> states to create state teams under.
> Another point is that any "TexasTeam" meetings would happen strictly
> over IRC, we would never Expect anyone to drive to another city (even
> Dallas to Houston), for a meeting. Events are still organized on the
> local level. El Paso to Houston road-trip is not something we are even
> remotely asking.
> You want an advantage to the state team? To get approved, all our
> different regional teams can combine documentation and aim towards
> approval. so Dallas team, Houston Team, Austin Team all count as one
> team for approval needs. Once the state team is approved, every team
> under it is automatically approved, because they're a part of
> TexasTeam.

Howdy all,

Just to follow on to what Brandon is saying here, the sole purpose of
the TexasTeam is to get approved so that we can start getting disks
again. And you what?  We found out that it doesn't take much at all!
In a nutshell, we (all, collectively) just need to document in some
form or fashion (pictures are ideal, but at least a mailing list post)
the things that all the groups have been doing already.

Even better, some people (especially Brandon and Jeremy) stepped up
and volunteered to help make that happen.  If that's what they want to
volunteer to do, I say let them!  I shook both of their hands, and I
am pretty certain that they don't have some sort of hidden agenda to
take over the state of Texas, once LoCo at a time! :-)

I agree that that the timing of the UDS-L meeting was very poor, but
the alternative was to not have a meeting at all.  I'm very glad that
Jeremy stepped up and threw something together at the last minute so
that people from multiple areas of the state could meet.  It was nice
to meet him and others, and find out what it would take to get our
state receiving disks again.

I took some time off from work so that I could attend UDL-S for that
lunch meeting (to which EVERYONE was invited... just check the email
archives and forum threads), and I will attest to the fact there were
no discussions about "taking over" or otherwise subverting anything
that has been happening in the state at the "true" local level.  In
fact, it was quite the opposite and was specifically discussed that we
all need Dallas,Houston, and elsewhere to continue what they've been
doing.  It was specifically discussed that the sole purpose of a
"TexasTeam" was simply to provide one place to summarize our
activities for Canonical.

I hope that those of you active in your areas will continue to be... I
have yet to see where anything was asked to change, and in fact, it
was expressed that people hoped that the "true" local areas won't

In short, can we please give Brandon and Jeremy our support by simply
working with them?  They are truly only trying to help.


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