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Brandon Tomlinson thebwt at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 05:34:49 GMT 2009

I would like to see TexasTeam as an umbrella team.

My idea for a model of TexasTeam is a heiarchy system based on scale.
There would be three kinds of teams:
	*State Team (only one obviously), made of regions
	*Regional Teams, made of T.N.T.s
	*Tight Nit Teams (T.N.T.s), made of people, like soylent green.

all those terms should be obvious, except for tnts. I was trying to
think of a good term to cover a group of people who meet often and do
stuff. What we would normall think of as "Austin Team", or "Killeen"
team is really a TNT. Actually... you could argue that "Austin Team"
is more a collection of tnts, because some members may get together
and do there own thing in private groups. (this isn't actualy, just a
hypothetical example).

I do not defrenciate between regions and cities because, really, there
isn't a difference.

In this system, everyon communicates on the us-tx mailing list using a
subject tag at the begging, something like "[us-tx-c-austin]", the
idea is country-state-reguion-tnt, so that if the entire state is
highly active, I can simply set up a filter in my mail client of
choice, to filter everything except what applies to me.

events/meetings/whatever align to the catagories. a tnt event might be
a small release party, while a regional event may be a very occasional
release party(bigger party for an lts maybe?). State events would be
rare things like TLF, or maybe a group trip to wherever UDS is at.

This state organization has a benifit for projects. If certain members
of the loco meet up at a meeting or something, and decide to work on
some project (say, they want to do ISO testing, or organize wiki
revisions), they may actually not be from the same region, but still
want to co-operate. Yes, they could do this independently of the loco
group, but why do that? we can incorporate it into the organization as
a statewide project, and maybe bring other curious people into the
fold, helping eachother lean as we go.

the big point here is this: no one is telling you what to do, we just
want to have a more organized structure. Just because we want a higher
presence TexasTeam,doesn't mean Dallas Team can't meet
wherever/whenever they want. shoot, we don't even require you to
attend state meetings. We are just moving forward with a higher focus
on state structure. We will still point new members in your direction,
but we'll encourage them to stay in #ubuntu-us-tx and chat, maybe join
an online project with us. If we can maintain a higher illusion of
activity, we will be more appealing to people looking for a loco group
to get involved with.

we're not taking your soverignty, nor do we want it. Buisness as
usual, you'll still get members reffered to your direction. I just
would rather have one active network, instead of 10 idle networks.

On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 10:14:32PM -0600, Jeremy Fluhmann wrote:
> I've been going through several iterations of an e-mail stating why I
> support a Texas LoCo Team, why I feel it's important, etc.  It always ended
> up being longer than I expect people would want to read and consisted mostly
> of my personal thoughts and feelings about a statewide community.  I decided
> not to subject the list to a long and (mostly) boring e-mail ;-)
> So, the basics were that there are several of us in Texas (users, Ubuntu
> members, Canonical employees, etc) that support a statewide Texas LoCo Team
> effort.  I realize that some discussion was had off list a month or so ago
> and some members of the existing regional groups were not interested, which
> is fine.  I don't see that as something that should or will stop the Texas
> LoCo Team effort.  I believe that there are still numerous members in Texas
> that would like to see the state team organized and many of us are not part
> of a regional group.
> While moving forward with helping coordinating a Texas LoCo Team, I realize
> that not everyone will be on board.  Again, that's fine and it doesn't
> appear that a state team will affect those that are not interested.  Parts
> of the "state team" discussion have happened through various other channels,
> including private messages, similar to the ones mentioned earlier.  I was
> included in some of those private e-mail messages and I apologize for not
> openly sharing the information to those not included.
> What I would like to do with this message is open the floor and start the
> discussion on how people would like to see the effort move forward.  As you
> know, several of us were at UDS in Dallas last week and had a discussion
> about the Texas LoCo Team.  Some of what was discussed included the Texas
> LoCo Team wiki, IRC meetings, team contact, and communication channels.  A
> write-up of the discussion should be going out to this list soon, if they
> haven't already.
> Cheers,
> Jeremy
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