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Mon Dec 28 05:20:33 GMT 2009

I plan on writing full documentation on everything, it will be in easy to

I'm not sure what specifically you are wanting more details on, but until I
have my super awesome hypothetical documentation online, feel free to ask in
this thread and also look at the source for the pages that deal with

On Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 10:08 AM, Daniel Stone
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> Hello Brandon,
> I am not certain as to what the links are supposed to achieve from a
> toolbox as I have stated before. I  like that you have forethought
> enough to realize that an update page or sandbox is needed.
> I have explained before that I unaware of how this is supposed to work.
> Could you please explain this (in simple terms) or can I create a
> sandbox page and  just point the  meetings  so they resolve correctly.
> I do like the changes that have been implemented in the wiki. It
> Appears cleaner and generally looks better.
> Cordially,
> Daniel Stone
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