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matthew byers faintstlsaint at
Thu Dec 24 00:53:18 GMT 2009

So since it has been agreed to use a bot in channel i will be heading up
this project and im here to ask for input on names needed for the bot. We
will need a nickname-is the nickname that the bot will use on IRC and we
need a Username-is the name that appears before the @HOST. This is seen when
the bot
joins/leaves a channel, and when someone does a whois on the bot. One name
has been supplied already for the nickname for the ircname (and NO it was
not given BY ME!) not here to dictate this despite some census among some
people. TexBot has been suggested already. So i guess i am also going for
our first vote system 'test'! if you agree with the name please respond
simply with a +1 or if you disagree and waht a different name use -1.
Neutral please use 0. Thanks Team.

God Bless
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