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Daniel Roesler diafygi at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 19:23:18 GMT 2008

Hey all,

I've been playing around with an idea for the Texas Team logo. John
Wohn suggested that we put cowboy hats on the people in the original
logo. I've drawn up a few styles of hats for the logo. I'd like to
know if y'all like one style over the other.

Hat styles:

With words:

I think style 5 looks too much like a fedora (exactly what we don't
want - Ubuntu wearing a Red Hat), and style 8 looks kinda like the
Arby's hat. Style 7 is basically just a turned version of style 6, but
I don't know which one I like better. Style 6 is symmetric, but style
7 looks a little less blocky. Anyway, take a look.

I like the slogan "Linux for Texans," but it makes it hard to write
"Texas" anywhere else (like "Ubuntu-Texas" or "TexasTeam"). So, I
avoided using "Texas" in the first line of the final logo. I don't
really like that, so if anyone else has a better slogan or another
idea, shout it out. These words would be great on a bumper sticker

Also, if you have any other ideas for the logo (it doesn't even have
to contain cowboy hats or the original logo), speak up. I can usually
whip up something pretty quickly in Inkscape. My drawing skills aren't
that great, but I can try. Try to keep the color count low if we ever
decide to make a banner.

If you want to play with the Inkscape files, check out my attachments
on the wiki:

Daniel Roesler
diafygi at gmail.com

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