[UbuntuDallas] POA for the Texas team

Linden linden.940 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 18:41:36 BST 2010

As noted and will RENOTE

Dinda KNOWS what is going on and me and her are working to getter on
this...me and her have a plan and I am acting on that plan with the
first step...as said in another e-mail being reposted here for all to

#1 ruff draft of the POA (POA stands for plan of action)
#2 have team view the ruff draft and give there option and rework on it.
#3 rehave team review it and after vote have it be past to Dinda
#4 me and Dinda will review and have have a meeting over it..any changes
will be made and will be changed (dallas team being part and knowing of
thoses changes)
#5 the Houston team will view it and make any changes they feel there
should be made.
#6 sent back to dallas team for a review if we pass it 
#7 then POA will be put into action 

as said Dinda knows about this and is part of the whole thing...me and
her have talked today (Sep 30th of 2010)

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