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Linden linden.940 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 14:38:28 BST 2010

starting another group could be done but a "sub" group could be started
under this one.

On Thu, 2010-09-30 at 00:44 -0500, Felix Castro wrote:
> Daniel,
> Thank you for the invitation to your User Experience Team meeting in
> Cleburne.  You seem to be very enthusiastic about Linux; have you
> considered starting a Ft. Worth or Waco team as they currently do not
> have Ubuntu groups and are in your vicinity?  
> Having the Dallas Ubuntu meeting in the Ft. Worth is not practical as
> it is a Dallas group and a lot of the Ubuntu Dallas team members live
> in the North Dallas/Plano/Frisco/McKinney area, I suppose I could
> schedule a meeting, apart from this group, in our area.  The Fox and
> Hound in Richardson or possibly Trinity Hall in McKinney come to mind.
> Best,
> On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 12:25 AM, Daniel VanStone
> <webmaster at catcodesigns.net> wrote:
>         Dear Texans,
>         To all users that want to meet.
>         Re: http://dailystruggles.org/getting-involved/
>         disclaimer-I am not a leader of the Dallas Team
>         I as many have come to this list.
>         I have signed at the register.
>         I write to the list.
>         What this list is missing is simple. Activity
>         When a new user comes in everyone seems to brush them aside by
>         the
>         mention of:
>         Who all is out there? or Roll Calls?
>         Let us not just stop at saying Hi or hello or voice an opinion
>         only when
>         someone else comes in. I see that Brandon as well as others
>         are
>         seemingly involved in this group but this group is unique
>         somewhat with
>         the fact it covers an extremely large land area.
>         That alone should entale a large task to anyone that may
>         choose to
>         administer the area or play a role in the management of such a
>         team and
>         should be kept in mind. This by far is no small task for this
>         amassed an
>         area.
>         Let us look to each other for our criticism as well as our
>         training. Let
>         our desire to move forward move past gender/perish/experience
>         differences that we may have. These are what push people away
>         to join or
>         pull them closer to the team.
>         I can make debate, as anyone, that the team peoples may have
>         other
>         'blank or blank' but whether you believe or conceive it or not
>         this is a
>         crucial factor in how that end user will feel accepted within
>         this
>         committee of members. This community of Linux users and Ubuntu
>         members
>         from the Dallas area in the state of Texas.
>         Ok, la la
>         The activity needs to continue a couple of days after the
>         original
>         contact and also the question should be answered. The user
>         should be
>         clearly informed of events and groups near them. Even if it
>         takes
>         pointing them to a reference to other groups or teams that we
>         may not
>         endorse but are local to the person and especially any
>         newcomer to linux
>         in general.
>         We are the one voice as the Dallas Fort worth area. We need to
>         address
>         people from Weatherford to Kaufman, from Hillsboro to Sherman,
>         from Rio
>         Vista to Farmersville not just the North Dallas area. It would
>         discourage me if I heard that all the other users were way out
>         of my
>         area. Or if concencus happened on my arrival.
>         This is the ubuntu mailing list for the Dallas Team of Texas,
>         USA and
>         anyone from this area knows that there is a geographical issue
>         when the
>         word local or in Ubuntu terms LoCo (Local Community) this is
>         overcome in
>         larger areas than this so let us learn and help to make it
>         work.
>         I would like to have a meeting in the Downtown Fort Worth
>         area. There
>         are many who may not be close as mentioned on this list as I
>         am not
>         close myself either. But it is a metro area and between DART
>         and The T
>         and TRE I think that transportation issues would be a minimum
>         for the
>         members who live closest to the metro area.
>         If you take a look at bus routes or train routes(public
>         transportation)
>         Fort Worth in not far or costly to get to. The other reasons
>         may be that
>         it takes from your day to get to wherever. That is a cost of
>         simply
>         being a part of a larger objective a "Team", We all sometimes
>         have to
>         set aside what is comfortable to do what is right.
>         With all of this being said I would like to mention or
>         announce a Linux
>         users group in my area that I myself am starting. You will be
>         welcome to
>         attend and share your ideas and scrutiny. This is a simple
>         group of
>         users and administrators that join to share experience and
>         user
>         experiences.
>         I do not wishh to infringe on the courtesy of the any
>         committee or
>         members but I am looking for members that may represnt an
>         opinion from
>         ubuntu when it comes to linux as a whole. My desire is at
>         merely the
>         discussions of Open Source (libre) and what changes occur for
>         the OS
>         (Operating Systems) in general. Some of the discussion will
>         actually be
>         geared toward using open source (libre) software within
>         business or
>         community setting.
>         This will not merely be to hold discussion of the distro(s)
>         difference(s) but what the impact of linux brings to the table
>         within
>         both proprietary software and open source solutions. We all
>         have a voice
>         on what our own personal software experience(s) is/are with
>         the
>         advantage of 'one'. You alone can impact a view by showing
>         others what
>         you know and learning what others do and how other things may
>         work.
>         I see that there are others who write that attend other user
>         groups and
>         I say that is great. We are doing a service to anyone who has
>         no
>         knowledge of Mr Stallman or Mr Torvaldes works. The goal after
>         all is to
>         address the one who knows little <!-- myself -->and help us
>         stay abreast
>         on changes and breakthroughs across the software platform. It
>         does not
>         matter if it is the newest cell running droid, one of the
>         oldest lappies
>         running DSL, an experimental PS3, or a robot using ARM chips
>         against
>         PLC's in a factory.
>         These are items that we as a whole can help to address and
>         only as a
>         whole will we ever begin to conceive the bigger concept of
>         where the
>         industry leads us. Why walk blindly on your path when you have
>         the
>         capability to way exceed any expectation. We hold such
>         capacity. Only as
>         a 'Team' can each individual gain the insight of all the
>         members who
>         walked before them.
>         To some this group is out of reach, geographically, I emplore
>         you to
>         emulate the actions of those within this and other teams who
>         have had
>         positive amd meaningful experiences in team building. Those
>         who strive
>         to help the next man as they grow. We, using this user
>         experience model,
>         can achieve a far greater path, than if we attempt to tackle
>         this
>         alone.
>         I would like to invite and welcome every member of this
>         mailing list to
>         an open meeting of UXT(User Experience Team) that will happen
>         09 OCT
>         2010 at the only Starbucks coffee shop in Cleburne Texas.
>         This can be postponed for one week and happen on the 9th if
>         concensus
>         has it but the 2nd is planned currently.
>         We will be discussing the gnome desktop and some industrial
>         appliactions. We will have a some items to toss around for end
>         user
>         dicussion. We wil also be looking at newer technologies and
>         devices for
>         team collaboration.
>         We do not do anyone a service if we are not meeting in our
>         areas. Make
>         the effort and make it to a team meating near you or create
>         one if there
>         is none. Together we do more than each individual effort.
>         Cordially,
>         Daniel VanStone
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