[UbuntuDallas] ubuntu-us-tx-dallas mailing list needs administration

Daniel VanStone webmaster at catcodesigns.net
Wed Sep 29 23:38:02 BST 2010

Dear Ubuntu Dallas

I have mentioned this in other posts to this list but has not yet been

When I receive mail from my mailing lists or when I receive them from
other lists when I click on reply it is sent to the list unless someone
else has just added my email ro the to field.

This is easy to see that it happens because the emails are many times
carbon copied to the list.

This is part of admin duties and can not be set at the user level. If
this can not be set at the mailman options in admin then please file a
bug to recover the admin ability through launchpad.


Daniel Van`Stone

also it is not shown on the interface so the mailing list may not have
an admin asigned if there were then I would not have mailed this to the
list but rather to the admin. 

Daniel VanStone <webmaster at catcodesigns.net>
oCatacoo Network Solutions
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