[UbuntuDallas] Leadership ~ actions speak louder..

Daniel VanStone webmaster at catcodesigns.net
Wed Sep 29 23:04:38 BST 2010

I am going to say that some of the comments that I hear from members do
not encourage another to participate or join.

I will copy and paste some of these statement as addressing such a
matter of rudeness may not be liked but oh well I will say my piece and
let the others reply.

I have on the list for a while and while I sometimes see rude comments
these should not be the norm, and as a team, anyone and everyone should
be treated with the same respect and it should always be first and
forefront in our minds. 

I have expressed my opinion of this matter in general in other mailings
and this continues.

If I come to an IRC channel as a user or sending mail to a list the same
respect should be a given.

Earlier this month when a new member said hello and suggested a meet.
The subject was changed. This discouraged the user from continuing
conversation. I know that we can't win them all but when someone says
"I'm new and I would like attention" , this may justbe my opinion, but I
would think some and especially the leadership would give them attention
in a fashion that reflects hospitality.

The team needs to remain courtious even in the absence of someones
typing speed or spelling. Especially when in an IRC channel as it can
apear to the newly joined user that ganged up on feeling and most two or
three combined people can type faster than one. So with that new user
remember to use the one to one reply fashion. 

Another issue might be as simple a don't act high and mighty. We all are
human and we all have a learning curve. Be the one who initiates action
not instigating as if ruling with an iron fist.

I would greatly Appreciate Feedback


Daniel VanStone

Daniel VanStone <webmaster at catcodesigns.net>
oCatacoo Network Solutions
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