[UbuntuDallas] Ubuntu Global Jam - 26 March - 28 March 2010

JJNova jjnova at gamecootie.com
Mon Feb 15 23:25:16 GMT 2010

Hey there mrand, you know we have monthly meetings you are more than 
welcome to attend....
> Depending on the exact time and day, but I'm game - either from home,
> or possibly from a local group location if someone finds one in the
> DFW area.
> I have some amount of Launchpad bug triaging experience and have
> access to set bug priorities, so I can help answer basic questions if
> that interests anyone.  Other choices include: testing Lucid, or
> helping improve the nearly always out-of-date Ubuntu wiki
> documentation - or maybe someone can come up with a unique idea?
>    Marc

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