[UbuntuDallas] Sound issues

Juan Collao collao at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 15 20:08:27 GMT 2010

One thing I noticed with my laptop is that it mutes after a restart sometimes. In those cases I have to go to the system volume to increase the volume. Also, keep in mind that there are two things that control the volume: 

1. The system volume (Ubuntu) and 
2. The volume control for the appplication that you are trying to use (like Movie Player).

If one of those is set to mute, you won't hear anything. Be sure to check both volume controls.


From: Sherry Brown <mnsbrown at att.net>
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Subject: Sound issues

I have lost the sound on my computer.  I'm an extreme novice.  Can anyone simply make suggestions for me?  I have chuckled at the correspondence about Juan's issues at the detailed difficult language used.  Only experts could understand what to do with all of that in my opinion.  I don't know what happened to my sound. It just all of a sudden quit working and the volume seems to be on high everywhere.  Would appreciate any advice you could give me.  Thanks ~Sherry Brown
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