[UbuntuDallas] Trying to find some current ubuntu cds for hand outs in a hurry.

Russ Sharek russ at dare2dream.com
Mon Sep 21 22:23:08 BST 2009

Hi all,

I was recently invited to take part in a rather high profile arts events 
in Fort Worth. I'm doing digital illustration in inkscape on a 
projector, and I thought it would be awesome if I had some current 
ubuntu cds to hand out to thse interested in learning more.

Unfortunately, the event is on October 3rd, and thus I do not have time 
to use shipit.ubuntu.com to get a stack of live cds for the event.

I was hoping someone on the list might have some, that they could donate 
to the cause of spreading free software amongst artists in the DFW area.

Feel free to contact me directly if you can help.

Russ Sharek.
The Morpheus Company
morpheus at dare2dream.com

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