[UbuntuDallas] Meeting this Sunday, the 8th

jonathan jjnova at gamecootie.com
Sat Nov 7 22:30:47 GMT 2009

Wow, there is apparently a lot more people registered to this mailing 
list than I have known in the last 2 years. Going to respond to 
everyone's inquiries here.

The Meeting is at Dave and Busters in Frisco. It's located inside the 
mall at the corner of Preston and Highway 121. Here is a google map and 
address if you would like to have specifics. It's not a permanent 
location, but simply a central location for the members we are most 
aware of (specifically those in IRC, and that were on the former 
website). As I stated earlier, I was unaware there were so many Ubuntu 
users on the mailing list.

Carlos: As far as the joining together of the Texas Teams to form an 
"official" texas team, the plans seem to have fallen through. I spoke 
with Elizabeth (who was trying to get it organized) and she has stated 
that the other Teams had a sentiment that was similar to what the Dallas 
Team used to feel. That we should all push forward in our specific 
regions and try our best to help new users, while contnuing our own 
agendas. Of course, this conversation will never go away, so feel free 
to share your thoughts!

Dare2DreamR: We've tried to update the Wiki each month to reflect the 
last months meeting, and will do so again this time with the addition of 
throwing a copy on the mailing list. Once again, I am really sorry for 
not including everyone here. After Shawn stopped being the Dallas Team 
leader, I'm afraid this section of the community had become overlooked.

Marc: We have two members that I know of from the IRC Channel that will 
be attending UDS. One has volunteered to write up, or document, as much 
as he can possibly remember. Of course, the more eyes and ears we have 
there, the less stuff will be overlooked. As far as the meetings go, we 
generally do them in the afternoon on the weekend to accomodate as many 
people as possible, but if you have a time frame that works for your 
schedule, please share it. These meetings (currently) do take place in a 
location that serves alcohol, so we are regularly there until 
approximately 7pm. Of course, that depends on the head count.

Thanks everyone!

IRC: #ubuntu-dallas on irc.freenode.net

Michael Wyatt wrote:
> Where is the meeting?
> ~Michael Wyatt
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> Salutations member of the Ubuntu Dallas mailing list,
> I know this is short notice, and I apologize for not keeping the mailing
> list updated with current information. Dallas Team will be coming
> together this Sunday. If you are interested in meeting up with the rest
> of us, please respond or join us in IRC @ irc.freenode.net 
> <http://irc.freenode.net> in channel
> #ubuntu-dallas . For more information, view our wiki at
> http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DallasTeam
> I am looking at you, Dare2Dreamer.
> -JJ
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