[UbuntuDallas] Texas Team Initiative and Activity

jonathan jjnova at gamecootie.com
Sun Nov 1 20:07:31 GMT 2009

Dear Ubuntu Dallas Team Mailing List Subscribers,
The Ubuntu Team Council has asked us to play nicely with the other 
communities in the state of Texas,
 so that we may effectively form a Texas Team that will be officially 
recognized. This will include the teams
from Dallas, Austin, and Houston. We would all be represented through 
this umbrella team and act
as satellites. Theoretically, this will make it easier for Ubuntu users 
to find a local team by simply looking
under the banner for Texas.

As we have learned since our falling out with the Team Council, local 
teams are no longer recognized
by Canonical, henceforth leaving us without the resources we previously 
had. By forming a Texas Team,
we should have access to these kits, as well as pressed versions of 
future Ubuntu releases once again.
This has always made it easier to share software with individuals in our 
communities. Let's be honest,
burned discs don't make the most appealing presentation.

I would like for us to have an open conversation regarding these 
matters. Ubuntu Dallas has never been
organized by a single individual, and decisions were never made by a 
'leader'. With our recent loss of
Brandon Perry, I invite everyone to share their insight with one 
another. Please think this over and share
your pros and cons.

P.S. - The Team Council has been measuring the success of Ubuntu Dallas 
based on activity on the mailing
list. I informed them that our IRC Channel and Wiki, as well as OCAM are 
the best ways to measure our
activity. If you are only subscribed to the mailing list, please drop by 
the Wiki and IRC to make an
appearance and get to know your fellow Linux users.

Thank You,

#ubuntu-dallas on irc.efnet.net

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