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Seth Mazow sethmazow at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 19:29:36 BST 2008

Hi all,

My name is Seth Mazow, and I just joined the list and wanted to say hello.
I've always used Windows out of laziness but never been particularly
satisfied with its performance or Microsoft's ethics/culture.  I know lots
of Mac evangelicals who rave about how "it just works" and I want something
similar, but not for $1300.  Behind all the slick PR, Apple doesn't seem
like any more cuddly a company.  I'm a big fan of "easy" open source
programs like firefox, and open office and want to see if I can make ubuntu
work for me just as seamlessly

I learned about Ubuntu and tried running it off of a live disk on my old
laptop and had some problems.  I'm looking forward to attending the next
meeting to see ubuntu in action and learn its benefits.  I need a new
computer soon and am particularly curious if deleting Windows on a
Craigslist-purchased laptop and installing Ubuntu would give me the "it just
works" factor of a new and more expensive Mac.

Take care,
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