[UbuntuDallas] Any related jobs in the area?

Carlton Hobbs carlton.hobbs at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 23:22:41 BST 2008

I haven't been part of this list long, but I thought there might be a chance
it could be a resource.

I was unexpectedly laid off this week and am looking for new employment.
I'm not a standard programmer or admisistrator, my background is
financial/fund/investment accounting, but with two B.S. degrees in
math/statistics and economics.  The combination confuses most hiring

I doubt I could qualify for any Linux centric jobs just because I can
maintain a system and compile a few programs, but I'm told to look for
Business Analyst positions that border IT and finance/accounting.

Anyone in the Dallas or North Dallas area know of any leads?  If so, thanks
much, if not, sorry for the tangent, but hey, local networking should be a
goal for this group, right?  I can forward my resume to anyone who might
have a lead.  Looking for 60-70K, 8 yrs. experience, but may not have a
choice but to take less if I don't find something very soon.

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