[UbuntuDallas] An Introduction

Long Diep deathmiata at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 18:15:39 GMT 2007

As a new moderator, I would like to introduce myself to all of the
subscribers of the Ubuntu Dallas Mailing List.

My name is Long and I look forward to making the Ubuntu Dallas community
better as the number of folks seems to be growing. I have been using
Ubuntu Linux for nearly a month now, but I don't plan on returning to a
Windows machine except for the occasional game or two. =) Even then,
that may not be for a very long time. Check out my Wiki page if you want
details over my machines.

My Wiki Page: http://wiki.ubuntu.org/Zeroxr

= Forums =
If you haven't done so already, please do join the forums! The forums
are a bit more organized and I would like to see the forums a little
more active. There are also the member blogs, calendar, and even news!
We have also been trying to put together guides to help new conversion
users with the transition and that could be very nice to have some help
on expanding those guides.

Link: http://dallas.ubuntu-us.org/

= Meetings =
On reading the the archives from February of 2007's mailing list, I did
read that there was quite some interest in trying to arrange a regular
meet-up. It's been a topic on the forum that we haven't gotten too much
feedback on, unfortunately (Link:

Here's what we have ruled out so far:
-Avoid suggesting bars, as that would leave out members that are under
the age of 21.

-Family friendly restaurants are good.

-Loren (zaddik01) suggested maybe a pizza place or a sit-down restaurant
(i.e. Bennigan's, Chili's, etc).

-I had addressed an issue that a meet-up of maybe 5-6 members may only
be enough to warrant a small coffee house or bookstore meeting.

-Any establishment that has free wi-fi would be a very good choice.

As far as suggested establishments goes:
-Shawn made suggestions to the following places
	The Flying Saucer in Addison
	Fox & Hound in Carrollton
	The Ginger Man in downtown Dallas.

-Loren suggested 2 coffee houses with wifi for possible small meet-ups
	White Rock Coffee
	Gachet (ZeroXR - I like Gachet as it has both tea and coffee!)

We're still open to suggestions! Voice your opinion by joining the
forums and posting or, if you would like, post on this mailing list and
I will put it up on the forum. Let's work together to get a regular
meet-up arrangement set-up!

Long, aka ZeroXR

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