[UbuntuDallas] Hooking up a shared Printer

John Sullivan jsulliva at cae.com
Sat Mar 10 01:37:04 GMT 2007

Hello to anyone who can help me.
I am trying to get computers in front of the third, fourth and fifth
grade students at Hillside Academy which is a public school in Garland,
Texas.  I received a donation from my company of 75 Dell GX-1 computers
which are Pentium 2 450 megahertz and Pentium III- 550 Megahertz
machines.  After putting in new hard drives we are loading Ubuntu
6.06.1.  So far so good.  But they would like to have a shared printer
for 10 of the computers.  I am using a Linksys 16 port ethernet switch
and have tried several brands of USB printer switches so the computers
can see the printer.  None of them offer Linux support.  Can anyone help
Thanks for any support.
John Sullivan
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