[UbuntuDallas] Dual Boot System

William Camichael wbcarmichael at gmail.com
Sun Feb 11 23:07:40 GMT 2007

I am completely clueless on all -nix ways and means.  In an effort to 
learn them I was looking to try and create a dual boot system so as to 
have a copy of ubuntu to play with and learn from....while still keeping 
windows files and application to use when I want to know exactly what I 
am doing.  I have created the Live CD with all the .iso files....my 
question is where do I go now and what do I do to install it in a dual 
boot manner....if on the other hand this is just a painfully bad idea 
let me know and point me where I might want to go looking.  I don't mind 
doing the reading and following of the Aggie proof instructions, but I 
prefer basic and idiot proof.

Any and all help is appreciated,

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