[UbuntuDallas] Fiesty Fawn

John Abbott john.abbott1936 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Feb 3 22:50:16 GMT 2007

Has anyone else downloaded a test issue of Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn - to
become 7.04 in April?   You will be  blown away with the changes; all
good.  The admin and Preference are gone from the system tab and
replaced with "control center" with the functions group by hardware,
look and feel, system and other.  All nicely portrayed in nice graphic

It contains a much better crash report, and the network connection is
visible on the top panel.  The latest versions of Firefox (2.0) and
Evolution 2.9.6

The most noticeable thing is the speed with which it boots up and shuts
down. Amazing changes.  


I would also love to have a scheduled meeting of the group.

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