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Wesley Stout wesleystout at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 18:25:42 UTC 2012

Hello all,

My 1.5 cents on the issue: First, thanks Rich for getting things hopping!
It seems that everyone is pretty well resigned to the fact that becoming
"official" may not be in the cards for the present time, and I think that's
fine really. We can do what we do official or not. We can still achieve the
purpose of a loco. I would like to throw something out there that we might
consider. Maybe we should consider doing away with the 3 points of
contacts, one for each region of the state.

I would propose this, we have a trustee, and a point of contact. Or, if the
trustee is the POC to have an "assistant" or vice- whatever to step in. For
instance, I'm the current middle TN POC, I'm not a good POC geographically
and time wise I cant do much in setting up face to face meetings etc.
However, i'm pretty good at taking care of Launchpad stuff for the loco so
I would be more than happy to not be a POC and do that. I'm thinking it
would be good to further segregate the duties. Have a trustee a POC,
someone that their main job is administrating launchpad, someone else to
keep meetings updated on the wiki, those type of things.

Then finally have some accountability that if someone can't get their part
done that we replace them, because with things like this we will all have
time limitations and restraints.

Anyway, just a thought on my part certainly not a complete thought but some
ideas. I'm happy with whatever really but I'm thinking if we find what we
do well and just stick with that it will be beneficial to the team and
possibly get more people involved.

Please ignore all grammatical and technical mistakes, I typed as it flowed
out of my brain, a very dangerous thing for me to do!

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