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Wed Jul 11 13:38:16 UTC 2012

I wanted to bring up that there's now a LOPSA branch in East TN, and
it's looking to be/become fairly active:


Broader audience than Ubuntu, of course, but there may be some
interest in attending for folks in this group.



On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 2:22 AM,  <netritious at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks to all that replied. I wanted to make sure the mailing list still
> worked. :)
> Last Friday I asked in the IRC channel #ubuntu-us-tn why the monthly LoCo
> Tennessee meeting was not held the previous Thursday night. I couldn't have
> made it myself unfortunately, but this does seem to be a repeating pattern.
> Monthly meetings are not being held on the first Thursday of every month at
> 7:30/8:30 pm CDT/EDT.
> I decided that I must have been spoiled by the list announcements that the
> LoCo's PoC (Point of Contact) used to send that we no longer receive
> reminding us of the meeting, and setup reminders in my calendar to notify
> myself instead. I'll take the initiative to start sending announcements a
> week in advance, and again the day before the meeting. (Some people need a
> week's notice while others just need a day.)
> Some points were made in the channel discussion (all paraphrased):
> The last meeting that was held only two people attended. (wrst)
> 7:30/8:30 pm CDT/EDT maybe was not a good time to meet. (cyberanger)
> Thursdays maybe was not a good day to meet. (cyberanger)
> The time in meetings has been squandered voting on topics to discuss in the
> next meeting, as well as other LoCo politics, and that if the time was spent
> doing something more engaging that maybe, just maybe, people will start
> attending. (me)
> Please reply with a day and time that is more aligned to your schedule to
> attend a LoCo meeting on IRC, what topics you would like see discussed, and
> any other feedback/input you may have. I have some things in mind myself but
> I'm curious what input others may have.
> Any evening other than Wed or Fri is good for me. Regular time is fine for
> me. I moved one of my band's practices to Fri to try and salvage the
> Thursday meet day/time.
> In closing there are a few more points I would like to make:
> The LoCo is about it's members fostering the adoption of Ubuntu within their
> local communities.
> We, the LoCo members, are also a community, one that I feel is being
> neglected by it's own members --not excluding myself, nor all inclusive
> either.
> Efforts to become an official Ubuntu LoCo haven't been wasted. It was a
> great learning experience for me and I'm sure others would agree. It hasn't
> been fruitful either though, and I think it's time the LoCo put it's focus
> on something more tangible, engages more members, and is immediately
> rewarding for more than a few.
> Zach (cyberanger) mentioned that in the next meeting we should put to a vote
> our current Point of Contacts since the last election was not held. I think
> this is a good idea. Be ready to make nominations and vote. If you need to
> proxy your nomination or vote, email another member that you trust to do
> such a thing if you know you cannot make the meeting. Hopefully we can get
> this done in a reasonable amount of time and spend future meetings
> discussing something other than leadership.
> Thank you for your time.
> Sincerely,
> Rich (netritious)
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