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Tue Jul 10 07:22:56 UTC 2012

Thanks to all that replied. I wanted to make sure the mailing list still
worked. :)

Last Friday I asked in the IRC channel #ubuntu-us-tn why the monthly
LoCo Tennessee meeting was not held the previous Thursday night. I
couldn't have made it myself unfortunately, but this does seem to be a
repeating pattern. Monthly meetings are not being held on the first
Thursday of every month at 7:30/8:30 pm CDT/EDT.

I decided that I must have been spoiled by the list announcements that
the LoCo's PoC (Point of Contact) used to send that we no longer receive
reminding us of the meeting, and setup reminders in my calendar to
notify myself instead. I'll take the initiative to start sending
announcements a week in advance, and again the day before the meeting.
(Some people need a week's notice while others just need a day.)

Some points were made in the channel discussion (all paraphrased):

 1. The last meeting that was held only two people attended. (wrst)
 2. 7:30/8:30 pm CDT/EDT maybe was not a good time to meet. (cyberanger)
 3. Thursdays maybe was not a good day to meet. (cyberanger)
 4. The time in meetings has been squandered voting on topics to discuss
    in the next meeting, as well as other LoCo politics, and that if the
    time was spent doing something more engaging that maybe, just maybe,
    people will start attending. (me)

Please reply with a day and time that is more aligned to your schedule
to attend a LoCo meeting on IRC, what topics you would like see
discussed, and any other feedback/input you may have. I have some things
in mind myself but I'm curious what input others may have.

Any evening other than Wed or Fri is good for me. Regular time is fine
for me. I moved one of my band's practices to Fri to try and salvage the
Thursday meet day/time.

In closing there are a few more points I would like to make:

 1. The LoCo is about it's members fostering the adoption of Ubuntu
    within their local communities.
 2. We, the LoCo members, are also a community, one that I feel is being
    neglected by it's own members --not excluding myself, nor all
    inclusive either.
 3. Efforts to become an official Ubuntu LoCo haven't been wasted. It
    was a great learning experience for me and I'm sure others would
    agree. It hasn't been fruitful either though, and I think it's time
    the LoCo put it's focus on something more tangible, engages more
    members, and is immediately rewarding for more than a few.
 4. Zach (cyberanger) mentioned that in the next meeting we should put
    to a vote our current Point of Contacts since the last election was
    not held. I think this is a good idea. Be ready to make nominations
    and vote. If you need to proxy your nomination or vote, email
    another member that you trust to do such a thing if you know you
    cannot make the meeting. Hopefully we can get this done in a
    reasonable amount of time and spend future meetings discussing
    something other than leadership.

Thank you for your time.

Rich (netritious)

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