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Thu May 26 17:55:38 UTC 2011

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On 5/26/2011 12:07 PM, Zach Gibbens wrote:
> On 05/26/2011 11:49 AM, Wesley Stout wrote:
>> Rich,
>> This may get me some grief but I think many in the Stallmanite camp
>> of the open source world fear anything and everything. 
It's a comfort zone thing. When you work with something for a long time
you get used to it, even it's faults. New things become threats to that
comfort, at least it's one perspective. I get it but don't prescribe to
fear of the unknown. ( I wouldn't be using Linux in the first place if
that were true coming from mainly a MS background just a couple of years
ago. )
>> Canonical is a company and they need to make a buck. If they can make
>> money, and make open source better whats not to love? 
I'm not so sure that moving to Unity is about making money, although
Canonical may be moving in that general direction. I agree there is
nothing wrong with that for Canonical but I find a lot of people do for
various reasons. https://launchpad.net/unity states the license for
Unity is GNU GPL v3 and GNU LGPL v3, and the source is available.
>> I think many though in the open source camps have a very snobbish
>> elitist attitude and they have their own private club with open
>> source and are not willing to let that be broken up easily. That in
>> itself seems to really not even be the spirit of open source.
Maybe you're right but I don't get out much so what do I know? :D There
is a significant difference between proprietary and non-proprietary and
that's my worry. If Ubuntu becomes to proprietary I'm not sure that I'll
be interested in using it. I use PC's for that very reason...they are
not so proprietary and that works out for me. Ubuntu may end up being a
great tool for learning ... the "Layman's Linux" so to speak, or Linux
-101 lol, and at the same time dominate other business sectors. Who
knows, Mark might pull the plug next week for all I know and that
worries me too.
>> I love GNOME 3 but I also know that many in the GNOME camp weren't
>> happy with Ubuntu either, but to me this is what makes open source
>> great, OPTIONS. With unity we have another option. 
>> I know we can reach the point of too many options, but with KDE and
>> GNOME being at far ends of the spectrum and other desktops being much
>> more niche type solutions it seems to make perfect sense to me to
>> have a middle ground. I hope Unity will be that eventually even
>> though I prefer GNOME 3/Shell.
>> Wesley

> There are more options then those two, problem is what people know,
> the ease of not setting it up, tweaking it at all, in comparison to
> Debian, Arch, Gentoo and even starting with a CLI install of Ubuntu.
> I feel that with all the options we have already, on this release, it
> was premature to replaced Gnome with Unity, and the next release lacks
> the fall back to gnome too (but it will still be in the repo) if they
> do not fix issues and improve the user experience.
But everyone said the same thing about Grub 2 and Ext4 with Karmic,
remember? Then Lucid hit and all is (mostly) well.
> We've had a few machines at work that fail to boot properly with
> Unity, but once I did a CLI install and put LXDE on it, it worked fine.
Not looking forward to that. I'm checking out LMDE today myself.


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