ubuntu-us-tn Stepping Down; Web site to be decommissioned

Be Netritious netritious at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 23:03:02 UTC 2011

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I have decided to "step down" as the West TN co-POC. I do not have the
time or energy to keep up with it as I'd hoped and this won't change
anytime soon. Now that the spring is here and my daughter starts
softball this week I'll have even less time.

Also I need someone to take charge of the web site ubuntu-tennessee.org
as I will no longer be able to host it on my server. This is partly a
time issue and partly a business decision. I don't have time to keep the
WP install up to date or contribute to it, over 95% of the hits are from
bots/spiders/crawlers/w00t.w00t etc (this means no one from the team is
utilizing it, which is obvious from the lack of posts), and I need the
resources currently allotted applied elsewhere.

Anyone willing to take on this task please contact me off list. If I do
not receive any communication in the next few days I will tar the
contents and burn to CD-R in the event someone does want to take it on.
The site will go down this Friday until it finds a new home.

The domain is controlled by cyberanger/infocop411 so no worries there,
and the SSL certificate I can have reissued at no charge until it
expires 3/1/2012. Please note that if you don't have a static IP address
to host the site then an SSL certificate is pretty pointless.

Rich Gray (netritious)
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