ubuntu-us-tn August 5th Meeting

Be Netritious netritious at gmail.com
Tue Aug 3 21:34:10 BST 2010

(This was accidentally sent to mac9416 directly instead of the list --
sorry mac9416!)

I'm not sure what to think to be completely honest. I'm wondering if we
are getting anything resolved/accomplished with this topic meeting after
meeting. Because we have three "Points of Contact" and a "Trustee" we
are now spending 4x the amount of time on elections than with just one
Point of Contact. Do we even need a trustee position? And do we really
need a point of contact for each region? Can't we just take it upon
ourselves to say "Who wants to meet at 'X' to talk about Ubuntu on date
'Y'?" regardless of some political designation in the channel? Also
consider when a regional POC goes inactive...everyone is waiting on them
to provide at minimum a time and place for local meet-ups..has this
discouraged you (any of you) from suggesting a meet-up? I know it has
discouraged me, simply because I don't want to step on anyone's toes.

I think we are making to much out of these positions and historically
simplicity is always better. I'm also under the impression that a LoCo
Point of Contact is the only recognized authority in the LoCo by the
LoCo Council, and if we stick to being represented by one official I
think we can make better use of our time in the meetings.

I think as a team we have gotten away from Ubuntu in our monthly
meetings. Just my opinion. I won't stand in the way though, and if the
team thinks the current structure is good for us then I'm good with
that, and will even participate as a POC or Trustee if elected.

Apologies for the diatribe.

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