ubuntu-us-tn LoCoTN Virtual Private Server is UP

Be Netritious netritious at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 10:46:12 GMT 2009

The server is ready but we're missing two things: I still need to
install WordPress and DNS needs to be pointed to the new DNS servers.

w4ett will need to update the DNS entries. I chose ZoneEdit for DNS
service as it's a free, mature service. (I prefer Sitelutions, but
ZoneEdit was admittedly faster to setup.)

>From ZoneEdit (with notes by me):

IMPORTANT: Before "www.ubuntu-us-tn.info" site is live
you /must/ contact your registrar (GoDaddy.com according to
public records) and ask them to change nameservers... 


Nameserver 1: NS01.000WEBHOST.COM (
Nameserver 2: NS02.000WEBHOST.COM (


Nameserver 1: ns8.zoneedit.com (
Nameserver 2: ns9.zoneedit.com (

w4ett, let me know where to send you credentials for the ZoneEdit account.

mac9416 has volunteered to manage the WordPress content. Any LoCoTN Team
Member Can Contribute. For the time being please ask in the channel for
a WordPress account. If mac9416 or myself are available we will add you
as soon as we can.

mac9416 I'll send you login credentials directly after I setup
WordPress. Can you forward me your addy again? :)

I'll manage the VPS security, updates, and backups.

Let me know if I'm missing something.


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