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Tue May 12 05:10:12 BST 2009

 Are you on IRC?
Or the forums? http://tennessee.ubuntuforums.org/
We Have a Poll going on, How Often Do you want to have meetings on

Right now, Just get on Freenode IRC Network, channel #ubuntu-us-tn
Say hello, if you haven't, & share ideas about things you think a LoCo
should be doing.

that participation will keep interest going. soon there will be another
meeting. (I'll give more notice this time.)
try to be there. If you can't, well not everyone can be off the same time,
chances are someone else also missed the meeting.

Because the kinks are being ironed out now, Active participation in the
forums & IRC is what we need to value.
when the kinks are ironed out, there will be more things needing help.
(hopefully with new members & less-active members helping too.)

Train whatever wrote:


I noticed in the digest 5/1 where you are possibly trying to establish some
norms for this group. I would like to see that and would like to be a more
regular participant of the group. Is there anything I can do to help?

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