ubuntu-us-tn Meeting tonight

Joseph Fennell josephfennellster at gmail.com
Fri May 1 02:47:12 BST 2009

Just got done reading the log of tonight's meeting, and just  few things from 
the Memphis end (as well as some input).

"Officially" there is a lug in Memphis (GOLUM), but as far as I can tell there 
hasn't been much formal activity as of late everything on it's google group 
has primarily been about selling older systems.

I like the idea of monthly meetings, but I also think a weekly brainstorming 
session could be put to good use.

'sub' LoCo's have a lot of potential even beyond social calls, for spreading 
awareness of FOSS in the different regions and as I stated early I have the 
time to be a point of contact for the Memphis area.

I feel like a release party for 9.10 has great potential especially since it 
is about 5 months away.  We could do it as a road trip style or work with 
area lugs to have an Ubuntu representation for instalfests.  

Also how long should we wait until we decide if new leadership is going to be 
a necessity and how should we go about deciding that leadership.  In addition 
if we decide that new leadership is necessary maybe we should draft 
a 'constitution' of sorts to set up a formal precedent on how leadership 
should be chosen, how long terms of leadership should be etc (maybe we should 
work on setting that up even if new leadership isn't required just to ensure 
fresh visions throughout the years).

Hope these ideas could be put to constructive use and hope to be able to make 
the next meeting.

Joseph Fennell

On 04/30/2009 11:58 pm, Zach Gibbens wrote:
> meeting in about 10 minutes.
> I knew some wold not make it, but it's impossible to have that happen.
> you won't miss anything, I'm just getting ideas from the group, having
> newer members introduce themselves, It will be logged & I'll hold
> another meeting later on to make up for the quick announcement of this one.
> I'll send an email out with a little more waring next time, & pick a
> time where more can join.

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