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Wed Dec 17 20:51:39 GMT 2008

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tux wrote:
> What is irc://freenode/ubuntu-us-tn? Are there any meetings in the
>  Knoxville area?
> w4ett wrote: This is to inform you that the team is still alive and
> kicking!!! Please join you fellow team mates on our IRC Channel:
> irc://freenode/ubuntu-us-tn
> There is plenty to talk about.....Release Parties, Support Issues
> and planning how the Team will move forward in 2009.
> Hope to see you soon!!
> Don

The IRC Channel address is the Internet Relay Chat Channel we use for
the Team.  You can use Xchat, Chatzilla or any other popular IM/Chat
(susch as pidgen) engine that you would like to access the
channel....once installed, click on the link and you will sign on to
the channel.

We will be having planning sessions on the channel, and we have a
number of members who live in your local area.

Hope to see you soon.

Don (w4ett)
Tn Team Admin
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