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Todd Nelson todd_p_3 at yahoo.com
Wed May 9 22:09:18 BST 2007

My name's Todd Nelson.  I've been using linux since 1992.  I started out using Slackware, then redhat,  Archlinux, Evilinux, then DSL and N-DSL.  Finally I got hooked for good on Ubuntu "Breezy".  I use multiple platforms at home I have two wintel laptops, one working desktop box, a Sparc 20, an ultra sparc2,  and two Imac G3 boxes.  I work in nuclear medicine at a local hospital.  As you can tell I love hardware, I have very little formal computer training or education...but I was an Radiology I.T. computer specialist for 3 years before moving to Tennessee.  I dabble with all of my boxes when I'm not working at my real job or spending time with my wife and kids. 

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