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King, Lance E. LANCE.E.KING at saic.com
Wed May 9 13:40:34 BST 2007

My name is Lance King, and who I work for is rather obvious by my
addy... I live in Knoxville and work in Oak Ridge as a desktop support
technician in a mostly Windows environment.  
My primary interest in Linux is as a desktop OS (I do run a little
Fedora Core 5 server at home), and I've been using Ubuntu since Breezy
Badger.  Before that I was a fan of Mandrake/ Mandrive, at least until
packages started breaking "out of the box".  I've toyed with other
distributions, especially small ones like DSL and Puppy.  I've been
evangelizing for Linux and open-source generally for several years now.
Now that wireless support has been so markedly improved in Feisty Fawn,
I've been recommending it to many people. 
I joined this group because I just wanted to find like-minded people to
share information, tips and possibly throughts on promoting this
wonderful OS.  I'm particularly interested in how Ubuntu can be used on
low-cost, older equipment for people who can't afford to buy a shiny new
Windows machine.
Lance E. King
Site Support II, PC Tech III, A+, MCP
Direct Line: 865-481-4776
Helpdesk: 858-826-2511
Semper Reformanda
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