ubuntu-us-tn Mike Barnwell

michaelb322 at comcast.net michaelb322 at comcast.net
Wed May 9 09:43:54 BST 2007

Hey all!  Mike Barnwell, senior restaurant manager for the Cheesecake Factory in Nashville.  I live in Antioch.  New to Linux and Ubuntu, started with Edgy and now Feisty in x86_64, my interest in Ubuntu is mainly for further home, entertainment, and broad base user development .  I've always kind of piddled around with computers and programming - self taught (and self forgotten) DOS, HTML, and such. My skills are rudimentary at best, but my son Cory turned me on to Ubuntu and the spark is rekindled!  Looks like we have a couple of Nashville/Murfreesboro guys on board and I'm up for anything! Launchpad name is michaelb322.  Talk at you soon.


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