ubuntu-us-tn Sharing Ubuntu files with Windows XP machine

Cecil Thomas wcthomas at chartertn.net
Sun Nov 12 23:11:59 GMT 2006

I'd shout halieluya !!! if I knew how to spell it!!
I tried it once but forgot to put my username after the -a naturally it 
didn't work.

Then I resorted to reading your instructions again and realized I had not 
put in the username.
This time it worked!!

Brings back memories of my S.A. at work who when asked a question would 
always ask "DYRTFM???"

Thanks again,

At 05:12 PM 11/12/2006, you wrote:
>Try typing (in a terminal) "sudo smbpasswd -a" and then your username. It 
>should ask you for your password, and this has worked for me in the past 
>to enable users on my Ubuntu machines. You may also have to add your home 
>folder to the list of "shared" folders (found within the "Administration" 
>menu under "System." Let me know if this helps.

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