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Scott Mosier mrmosier at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 22:12:37 GMT 2006

Try typing (in a terminal) "sudo smbpasswd -a" and then your username. It
should ask you for your password, and this has worked for me in the past to
enable users on my Ubuntu machines. You may also have to add your home
folder to the list of "shared" folders (found within the "Administration"
menu under "System." Let me know if this helps.

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On 11/12/06, Cecil Thomas <wcthomas at chartertn.net> wrote:
> I am trying to share files on my Ubuntu machine in my shop with my windows
> xp-home machine in the house over a local network.
> I have installed Samba on the Ubuntu machine.
> I can see and use the files on my windows machine from the Ubuntu machine.
> I can see the Ubuntu machine on my local domain from the windows machine
> but
>   when I click on the Ubuntu machine from the Windows machine I get a
> login
> window asking for user and password.
> None of my usual names or password combinations works and I can't find a
> place in Ubuntu or Samba to set the user and password for access.
> Help!!
> Thanks,
> Cecil
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