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Ya, I did move it one hour later. If you sign up for the event at you well get an email reminder. I think I set it to two
days in advance. Not a single person showed up so I'm not going to
bother writing up minutes or anything. I'll just schedule a new meeting
when I have some time. Life has been beyond hectic for me so I think it
might be a little while.

Ubuntu South Dakota LoCo Team wrote:
> Sorry I missed this.  I would like to attend the next one, but 5pm is  
> not the best for us MST people. Is it possible to move this 1 hour  
> later permanently? Michael, if you can send a reminder email 1 day  
> prior, that would really help...sorry, but with my schedule a little  
> 'hand holding' may be necessary. :)
> Quoting Ubuntu South Dakota LoCo Team <ubuntu-us-sd at>:
> doh- I forgot about that whole thing. Since this is a small team and I
> know how it usually turns out anyway, I'll push it back an hour.
> ** We'll hold the meeting in 2.5 hours **
> Ubuntu South Dakota LoCo Team wrote:
>>>> i won't be able to make it today... 5 is a bad time for me anyways (I get
>>>> off work at 5 mst)
>>>> Clay
>>>> On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 3:35 PM, Ubuntu South Dakota LoCo Team <
>>>> ubuntu-us-sd at> wrote:
>>>> Just wanted to remind you guys that we have a meeting in 1.5hr.
>>>> We'll be in #ubuntu-us-sd on Freenode. You can use
>>>> if you don't have access to an irc client.
>>>> I've been extremely busy so I will push this to go as fast as possible.
>>>> We really do need members to show up to this. I would really appreciate
>>>> it if you guys could hop in for a little bit.
>>>> Thanks,
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