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Thu Jan 15 22:57:04 GMT 2009

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I'm sorry for the delay. I had a delay in DNS transitions and things
dragged out much longer than I expected. Thankfully things are back up
and I can take care of other things.

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Meeting Agenda:

Meeting Schedule:

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All votes were unanimous in this meeting.

The logo and colors for the new logo were approved.

The flyer was not approved and will be worked on prior to the next meeting.

Phillip A. became the FAQ Editor.

It was decided that old events with no follow up content will be removed
from the Wiki.

The method for adding to Events and Meetings was approved.

The new layout for the Wiki and content was approved. However some
changes will be made.

Roles page is currently under redesign and should be completed by next

New Wiki FAQ editor was talked though the process of using Includes. See
notes for details and explanations.

Ideas were shot out for the FAQ editor to handle.

It was agreed that their should be a separation between a few areas.
Once the store is completed, positions will be appointed.

Cost for each Ubuntu badge was agreed upon.

The new website layout was approved.

The methodology for the signup in the events section was approved.

The cart has been taken offline until it can be rewritten and financial
backend configured.

The method of using Launchpad team membership to manage access was approved.

New goals were created.

Mirror hosting from DLeVasseur will no longer be an option. Still
waiting on DSU for further information.

Activity levels were discussed

- --- Notes ---

All IRC logs are held at

Meeting lasted from [12-Jan-2009 19:09:32] until [12-Jan-2009 20:58:13]

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Hurray for another successful meeting.

Thanks to all who were there or attempted to be there,
- --
Michael Lustfield
Profarius, SD LoCo

Network and Systems Administrator
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