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Hello everybody.

We haven't been a very active community and I would really love to
change that. Right now most of our users in our Launchpad group are also
subscribed to the mailing list.

I would like to encourage everybody on this list to create an account on
Launchpad and join our LoCo group. I don't see LP as a huge deal when it
comes to our group, but it is a very efficient way to keep track of team
members. This group will be accessed by other LoCo teams as well as
prospective members. This is a non-spam free service provided by
Canonical. The website is at

On the other hand! The LoCo Council DOES use this launchpad group. They
use this group to verify membership count and decide whether we can be
an official LoCo or not. We NEED you guys on this. If you do nothing
else, please sign up. We only have 50% of you in the group.

I will also be creating a website that I hope to make our primary
contact source. This is where I plan on discussing what we can do to
help spread Ubuntu. Everybody that is in the Launchpad group will have
access to this site and be able to prove their activity.

I will post the site address when I believe it is nicely set up. All LP
users will be notified in an email since I will be adding them as a
user. The one exception will be a LP user who has chosen to hide his
email. I don't object to this, however I will need this users email or
some way to subscribe.

I plan to have this site contain the following:
Release Mirror (Inside state only)
 - Probably FTP access and restricted by member ip ranges using or similar.
Forum (Problems)
Forum (Contributions)
Blog (Anything relevant)
Calendar (Events/Activities)

In addition to this, I am attempting to configure a bot for our IRC
channel in an attempt to make our channel a usable source for
information even when nobody is around. I will also post when I believe
this is setup to a usable point.

I need to buzz off to my next class. Please make considerations for my
postings. I aim to become an officially recognized group and it can't be
done without everyones help. Remember the Ubuntu moto.

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