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Sat Nov 15 18:04:12 GMT 2008

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I appreciate the enthusiasm. Perhaps we can reach our 10 active goal
easily. I believe if each currently active member can get one more
active user we will reach our goal.

Just checked, yuppers. I'm excited to see things turning around for this

I want to be very clear of my intentions. I have no intention of being
the only driver behind this team until I die or can't handle it anymore.
At some point I want users that can take over bits and pieces of what
I'm doing now. This is a personal road map of mine. By the time I
graduate college, I would like each little part of what I do delegated
amongst active users that can continue to help drive the team.

In essence, I want a community that is driven by the community. Also
know as "the tipping point."

It won't be the easiest thing in the world of course and we'll all need
to put in an effort but in the end, I strongly believe we can make this

Off the record (just don't hold me to it), I would like to start doing
some delegations by the end of this summer if possible. I currently have
three members in mind that I will consider.

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Michael Lustfield
Profarius, SD LoCo

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